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CHAPTER 1 - Authenticity


A blue ripple with tones of grey crisscrosses the dune-like ocean floor. The wavy pattern of the sea surface reflects down onto the bottom with artistic flair. Shades of blue and grey float mysteriously over the scuba divers as they move slowly, flipping now and then, with their large black amphibian-shaped flippers. The water is diamond-clear. Schools of bright-hued fish and exotic sea flowers decorate the sandy floor and small reef. The ocean floor is littered with large dark, sinister coffins – the shapes are very distinct. Warplanes and warships lay strewn for hundreds of meters on the bottom of the harbour. The visibility is excellent. Strange looking sea flowers stare from the jagged black reef. A small, friendly white and grey shark moves closer to the divers and bumps into one of the oxygen tanks. With a quick dart, the shark takes off into the grey unknown. The rhythmic release of carbon dioxide bubbles sends a message to the surface, ‘There is something very mysterious and beautiful down here,’ one of the divers thought. The bright searchlights of the divers scan meticulously to the left and right. They are looking for clues and treasure. In the white beam of the second diver’s headlight dances thousands of micro sea creatures and plankton. They represent every known shape and form.

The divers stop momentarily. One of them takes his hand and tries to scoop some of the tiny creatures into his hand – the micro creatures escape in streams of translucent biological-beauty. The diver is fascinated by the amazing little critters. The direct sunlight exposes their tiny, white skeletal frames. One of the divers can see the alphabet in the curvatures. There is the letter ‘H’; there is an ‘A’, he thinks to himself.

A large dark-red rising sun appears. Half of the reddish sun is covered in a variety of shellfish, and green seaweed. It is a mosaic of tombstone art. The sea plants move slowly back and forth – waving to the diver to come closer – as the strong ocean currents move everything in its path. A couple of nosy crustaceans scatter for safety under the large plane wreckage when the searchlight falls on them. They kick up a small cloud of sand and ‘dust’ in their wake. The tiny cloud of sand granules spirals for a second and then falls lazily back into its original position on the ocean floor. The graveyard is disturbed.

On the jagged rocks, just under the wreckage, the coral is dusky pink with cream module clusters of White Sea Plants. The white floral sea plants wave their flags in honour of the deserted dark grey World War 2 wrecks of the past - it silently pays tribute to the fallen admirals, officers, seamen, gunners, soldiers, sailors and pilots. At first, it seems like the wreckages are deserted, but the searchlight reveals a warplane cockpit still intact.





The parable of the stylish fisherman and how he caught the most beautiful woman alive will get everyone's attention; the word stylish will make men turn their heads in this direction. How did the fisherman land the extravagant catch you may ask? I am glad you have asked. Every beautiful, elegant and exquisite woman wants a stylish gentleman next to her side. In this article, I will list and briefly discuss amazingly useful ideas and things that the style rookie could do to elevate his style to next tier, namely ‘stylish gentlemen.’ Experienced men – if you are a late starter – this article on style is also for you! Parents with young boys will find this read very useful.

Back to the parable, I am not talking about the live bait of the fisherman. Not the earthworm, or the cricket, I am talking about the angler’s use of style –fishing flies. I am referring to a man’s style, his presence, his confidence, his speech, and most importantly, his appearance. In short, I will use the presentation of the ‘hook.’ The lure, the fly, the spinner – in a freshwater fishing context. The underlying paradigm of this article is marriage – holy matrimony.

The ‘parable’ is about a young fisherman who could not catch any fish on a specific day. Being tired and disappointed, he took a feather from his wide-brimmed hat and tied it to his hook. He tied the beautiful feather to the hook with a piece of fragile thread. It all happened just before he went home. At the end of that day – quite disappointed – he tied the newly fashioned hook to his trout fishing line. On his second cast, a large trout took the fly! The colossal trout sent the reel screaming. The rainbow trout rocketed out of the water –vertically – doing everything in its power to escape. It was a sparkling rainbow beauty! He landed it, and the entire day ended with a highlight. Why am I telling this story? What is the moral of the story, you may ask? Be creative and innovative with your style. If you are stuck in a rut, make changes to your style; develop your fly box. Include variety. Be successful every day!

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Biomimetics is the field of science in which inspirations are elicited from nature to design practical materials and systems that can imitate structure and function of native biological systems (Sarikaya et al., 2003).   Link: