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See the album: The Living Room, Hukanui, Primary School (ENVIROSCHOOL), Hamilton, New Zealand.

The album includes pictures from the 'Living Classroom' which was designed and created by the school,  a local architect , a local builder and the community/parents. Students were actively part of the design and construction process throughout the different phases. William visited the site some years ago and took these pictures with permission from the teacher in charge.

The Living Room:    


Image : The exterior of the 'The Living Room',  Hamilton, New Zealand. See how the louvers screens the amount of sunlight into building (passive solar design). Interior concrete floors (heat sink) absorb the heat from the sun and releases it slowly during the cold winter months, saving precious power (heating). The classroom allows students to see how the different sustainable features functions in real time. This is a great idea by the enviro-school in Hamilton and this classroom is very effective in teaching sustainability to young children by actually allowing them to explore, to see, and to sense how these features works.

The Living Room: Interior view.