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Design and Visual Communication (DVC)

Design and visual communication focuses on understanding and applying drawing techniques and design practice to communicate design ideas. Students enhance their ability to conceptualise, develop, and communicate design ideas and potential outcomes, and their skills to interpret graphical information (Source:

Above: The picture shows a conventional drawing board used by architects and engineers. I remember the days when I used similar equipment. It stirs up some sweet, fond memories of the past! Used some talcum powder  to keep the drawing paper clean and grease free when at high school. Good old days! Paper drawings and freehand sketches are still an indispensable part of architecture, engineering and design work. Computer aided software however is now being used by most architects, engineers, designers, etc. A very user friendly computer aided design program is Google Sketch-up, and it is free to download. See the tutorials on youtube: sketch-up tutorials.

Link to free software download:

The video clip below: Speed sketching using one-point-perspective technique: Creating shadows. Media used pencil, ink pen, vivid and 'pro-marker' pens (color). 

Video clip below: Architectural freehand sketch of design concept for a forest hideaway retreat (Actual Drawing Time: 27min). Ink pen used. Shows the plan view (includes landscaping), and sectional elevation with some additional details.