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Self-portrait - Watecolours and ink. Painted by the author in March 2020. 

Endeavor Teacher Fellowship: Teacher profile (Sustainable Architecture and Sustainable practice).    


The author has a wide interest in different writing genres; he started publishing his work in 2016. His writing journey began when he edited most of his academic work and published it to  platforms like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Kobo, Google Play Books, 24 Symbols, and other online stores. 

From academic writing he ventured into fiction. Novella writing followed. He produced his first novella 'The Encoded Pen' and  biographies for his parents in 2016 and 2017. As an educator he also developed his lessons and published it to Five House Publishing. These lessons range from Sustainable Architecture, Biomimetics, Design and Visual Communication, SketchUp, Minecraft Education, sustainability, Maori (New Zealand context), Science, STEM, STEAM, Digital Technology, Technology, Electronics,Writing, and much more.      

Ebooks and Resources available for download.

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