Recommendation from Dr. Ursula Edgington (Tutor at the University of Waikato, NZ, 2015/2016) to William van Zyl:

"In my role as Lecturer at the University of Waikato, I supervised William through the final stages of his Postgraduate studies in a Masters in Education over the year 2015-2016. His writing and research skills over this time-period developed tremendously, illustrating how he listened carefully to any feedback and guidance and took responsibility for his own learning journey. Throughout this time, William showed clear evidence that he is a passionate and knowledgeable educator, with a broad experience of teaching and management skills. William is a true example of lifelong-learning - always enthusiastic to learn new things and explore challenging research topics. One example of this is how throughout his Masters studies, he not only developed his PhD proposal, but also secured highly competitive funding that will allow him time away from teaching so that he can focus on his research study. His sense of determination to progress his career is inspiring and a role-model to others. William holds many valuable skills that ensure his success as an educationalist: creativity, combined with enthusiasm and a strong sense of social justice. On a practical level too, William has numerous skills in using technology, is punctual, a good communicator with excellent social skills. Overall, I highly recommend William as an ambitious and reliable team-member and leader. I wish him every success in pursuing his ambitions." April 6, 2016