Malinda van Zyl (photo taken in 2017).  

Sketch of Malinda. Watercolours and fountain pen.          Credit: W van Zyl


 This book is about interior design with a focus on Organic French Chateau Style. The method and style was selected and developed by Malinda over a period of many years. Her style is unique, and it provides a view into the ideas and personal design construct of Malinda. The book is an overview of how this particular style is implemented and includes some tips, hints, and unique ideas to the reader. Different rooms and areas are discussed with many illustrations and images of Malinda's house; the garden is also included. Her style could be described as a combination of French Chateau, Organic, and Natural influences. She is a fond collector of older well-loved items which adds additional layers, value, and meaning to her home and personal spaces.  One of her past times is paging through interior design and garden design books. She loves decorating and makes regular changes to her garden, rooms and display areas. She enjoys making continuous changes to the different rooms; she creates new combinations with items which she has collected over the years. She has also personalised some of her display areas with family photographs, heirlooms, and artifacts which are very dear to her.   

To be published in future. Not available yet.


Biogafie/Biography: Ernst & Lizzia Kleynhans (Bloemhof/Hoopstad - Freestate -South Africa). 

Malinda. Sketch Picasso style. Ink, pencil & pro-markers. Title: 'Extravagant organic decorator.' Credit: William Van Zyl.

GEDIG: 'Ringetjies in die Bos.'

Deur Malinda & William Van Zyl

Die kopseerplant , se hul, het die fynste, dunste geweefde drade

My mooiste drome word vinning om my fynste vinger gedraai, die kopseerplant maak dit skielik waar…

Die fynste, langste, sensitiewe spinnedrade spin-en-spin n sprokie in die silwer bos

Hulle hardloop vinning om my kleine ring-vingertjie, om-en-om-en-om…

Die oor-loop-weef gaan met die ligste draadjies fyn sommer net so om my gewrig,

vinning weef dit arm-vir-arm juwele wat grootmens-lewe kry

My kinder-juwele is veilig verdoesel in die digte gelukkige-bos; die maan hou snags wag…

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About Malinda Van Zyl (co-author).        

Malinda loves gardening, interior design, arts & crafts, and cooking. She also loves reading books on spirituality (Christian). Malinda enjoys everything that involves a healthy lifestyle. She loves visiting her grandchildren and spending time with them.  

The e-book, 'Leon the Little Hammer Boy' & 'Leon the Watercolour Boy,' is Malinda's and her husband's first children's books. With her husband, William, Malinda is co-writing an interior design book - 'The Nest'. The book is in progress, and plans are to publish it in future. The book includes an Organic-French ('chateau') style, and it is her unique approach to interior decorating and design.

Significant Christian books she has read are 'Driven by Eternity', 'Honour's Reward', and 'The Bait of Satan,' by the author John Bevere.    

Malinda has also created a special biography for her mum and dad - Lizzia and Ernst Kleynhans. It includes some of her memoirs and poems.

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Gedig: 'Ringetjies in die Bos.'/Poetry: 'Tiny WeeRings in the Bush.' 


Biografie/Biography: Ernst Kleynhans busy carving biltong. Ernst Kleynhans besig on biltong te kerf.

Cover page (draft): 'The Nest' due to be published in future.


Malinda in her garden at home. Credit: From the sketchbook of William van Zyl.  


Decorations in the center of the dining room table. The nest inside the glass dome is the focus on the dining room table. Credit: W van Zyl 

Decoration in the center of the dining room table. Golden colour candelabra, blue 'delft' vases, translucent glass dome with nests and painted roses. Purple 'orchids' in a blue 'delft' vase. Credit: W van Zyl  

Original nest with a bird made from feathers (top tier). Acorns, painted roses, and an original nest at the bottom of the tier. Credit: W van Zyl 

Concrete sculpture of a lady. Hand painted by Malinda and adorned with a pearls/shells/glass beads wreath. Gilded metal crown on the head of the lady. Credit: W van Zyl

Bird Town designed and created by Malinda and husband William. Bird Town located in Malinda's back garden. Credit: W van Zyl

Cream coloured metal shelf (hollow) with two concrete pedestals on the left and right (original nests on each) , a copper/verdigris chicken in the middle, a large rusted  tray, and an brown metal ornate clock against the wall in the background. Credit: W van Zyl

Malinda's back garden with a Wendy house in the background. This house is being prepared for little Lucia (grandchild) to play in as she grows up. A mud kitchen (outside) is also planned for Lucia to explore her 'baking and cooking'.  Credit: W van Zyl        

Nativity scene. Christmas 2021. See the little wee baby in the center, right at the bottom. Credit: Malinda Van Zyl 

Interior - piano display. January 2021. Credit: Malinda Van Zyl  

Piano display. January 2021. Credit: Malinda Van Zyl

Nest and eggs - piano display. January 2021. Credit: Malinda Van Zyl