HTS Marais Viljoen THS (Technical High School): Teacher from 1983 to 1996: Technical Drawing/Design and Visual Communication (Tegniese Tekene/Grafika/Ingenieurs Grafika/Ontwerp en Visuele Kommunikasie). 

Location: Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa   

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I found these black and white pictures in my personal collection of photographs. It is such a great feeling to upload and share them. Looking back, I have thoroughly enjoyed my early years as a teachers at Marais Viljoen High School (HTS Marais Viljoen THS  back then). I still remember the names of some students...loved teaching them...


The Technical Drawing class ('Tegniese Tekene/Grafika'). Marais Viljoen. Estimated year this photo was taken: 1990 (photographer unknown). Some names of the students: Michelle, Tracey Hale, Cindy, Sylvia,Mario, ...Cook, ...

Junior Technical Drawing class ('Ingenieurs Grafika'). Marais Viljoen.Estimated year the photo was taken: 1990 (photographer unknown). William, the Drawing teacher (Design and Visual Communication), on the far left with his junior Technical Drawing class. I am wearing a 'safari suit' - so cool back then. Ha, ha! See the drawings on the blackboard, regular prisms and pyramids (sectional views polygons). Mr. Sam Fourie (senior Technical Drawing teacher back then) taught me how to do quality drawings on the blackboard. He used to 'sharpen' his board chalk at an angle (chisel point) to get different line qualities. For example, construction lines (light/thin) and outlines (dark/broad). It worked great!     

Girls Hockey team. Marais Viljoen. Coach William on the far left with his young daughter Lucinda (married-Okuyama) . Estimated year the photo was taken: 1991 (photographer unknown). Lizelle Moolman (first on the left, next to the coach-with knee guards) See Mr Eugene Sequiera on the far right (background); a very supportive parent. Some names of the players: Tracey Hale, Winnifred Grabe, Hannelize Retief, ...Lizelle...Stella...Yvonne, ..Margie, Leonie, Tracey, Marietjie Kapp (on the background left).     

Girls Hockey team. Marais Viljoen. Estimated year the photo was taken:  1992 (photographer unknown). Some student names: Yolande, Cindy, Lyn Hooper, Winnifred Grabe, Allison, Ciska, Kappie, Yolanda, ...     

Marais Viljoen Soapbox Derby ('Marais Viljoen Kaskardag'). Soapboxes were designed and manufactured by students and parents. Every form-class entered their own soap box and the cars were pushed around the track at school. Most laps completed won the race (junior & senior race categories).  The annual soapbox races were organised to raise funds for the school. Estimated year the photo was taken:  1990-1995 (photographer unknown). Here the driver is darting downhill on the dirt track - no pushing required.       

Marais Viljoen THS: Register Class (8E or 9E) - some student names - Deon Nel, Duncan McGonigle, Justin O'Reilly, Shirley Eekhout, Cathal Kelly, Sean Stark, Jurie Davel, Dennis Joint, Willie Hall, Alex Parkes and Michael Bondesio. Credit photo: Alex Parkes (recieved Dec 2016 from Alex Parkes).